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Our highly qualified, experienced and friendly staff are as good as you are likely to find... Anywhere! That's because we're a family run business who sets itself ahead of the rest, especially with trustworthiness, which is a nice thing to know when letting someone into your own home!

There is a reason we have been in business for over 40 years.

Almost anything you need for TV viewing & systems, we provide/supply/recommend.


From small TV/AV systems to 100s of units with Integrated Reception Systems, we are specialists in planning, installing & maintenance. We don't claim to be the cheapest on the block but we do promise that things get done well & on time!

Proper planning & advice on new systems is essential - How many apartment blocks have you been in that can't properly connect Sky+ & HD? Almost every single one!

We go that little bit further than the rest to make things future proof.

TV Aerials

With the digital switch over in full swing & Freeview-HD launched, a TV aerial installation never provided so much choice! Things also never got more complicated and confusing for people with all the different choices & technologies. We not only provide great installations but always try to make sure you understand the system & technology. You will be hard pushed to ask a question we can't answer! Try it.

Heights, listed buildings, trees, fussy customers, we've seen it all!


We leave Sky to do the basic Sky systems as it's usually free or discounted. But we can do the rest - heights, neater, more complicated problems & installations etc. We can distribute satellite to one room, 10 rooms or a block of apartments if required. Now Freesat is being built into TVs & recorders, Freesat distribution around the home is common place too. It provides more channels than Freeview & a slightly different selection of channels. Whatever your needs, we can deliver.


Cabling is probably the most important thing in a system. Without it, nothing works. With it, the wife (/husband) says she can't stand the sight of it! We use ONLY the best quality cables and try our best to keep it as discreet & tidy as possible.

For new builds/renovations etc, we can't stress the importance of proper planning with cabling. It is essential that the correct cables get installed for the correct application & at the correct time. Keep it simple, call us in ASAP!


It's not just 1 or 2 TVs with a VCR around the house anymore, it's fully networked, multi-user, multi-functional, multi-room technology. From iPods and iPads to OLED TV & DLNA HDD. Technology & it's capabilites have exploded over the recent years and we try our best to keep up. You may just want an extra TV point in the bedroom or you may want a High Definition distribution system for 8 rooms. Either way we can help you get exactly what you want, when you want it, or just give you some helpful guidance & advice.

Audio Visual

AV installations. We love ‘em! Nothing more satisfying than turning on a newly installed plasma TV or projector with full surround sound and sitting back to enjoy a full HD (1080p) Blu-Ray movie. Or walking around the house controlling your music collection that's playing in different rooms from your iPhone. Or displaying all your photo collection in HD on your TV. Or... we could go on! 3D TV on the way too... Avatar anyone?

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